DC Quellen 19" Rack

DSP-HD Serie

Programmierbare DC Stromversorgung

DSP-HD Serie (1UH, 1U, 2UH, 2U)
  • DSP-HD-1UH 750W
  • DSP-HD-1U 1500W
  • DSP-HD-2U 3000W
  • Up to 52 models, 6V ~ 600V / 1A ~ 400A, are available for selection.
  • Switching mode, high density, and convenience for installation to 19” rack,
  • Max. output current up to 2000A (5 units in parallel).
  • 750W in 1U half width, 1.5kW in 1U/2UH, 3kW in 2U height.
  • Non-gap stacking, no ventilation holes at the cover and bottom plate of the power supply.
  • Universal Input Voltage:
    • 1U / 1UH / 2UH - 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz, 1P2W+GND continuous operation.
    • 2U - 190-240Vac,50/60Hz, 1P2W+GND continuous operation.
  • Constant Voltage / Constant Current with automatic crossover.
  • IDRC DSP Series 1U Programmable DC Power Supply uses digitalized design:
    • High resolution of D/A (16 bits)setting output Voltage & Current,
    • High resolution of A/D (24 bits H.W.) measurement output Voltage & Current.
  • Up to 5 units in parallel and 2 units in series, equipped with active current sharing.
  • Active power factor correction.
  • Complete Protection : OVP, OCP,OTP.
  • Definable output voltage ramp up and down with adjustable time.
  • DSP-HD Series can store 16 sets of memories; memories can be recalled manually in front panel or by external recall control.
  • Last setting retainable upon next power on.
  • KEY LOCK setting.
  • Embedded 3 RISC Micro-Controllers.
  • Built-in remote sensing with max. 5V compensation
  • RS-485 baud rate up to 115200 bps
  • Standard LXI and Isolation RS-485 Interface, optional GPIB interface.
  • GPIB are compatible with SCPI.
  • Analog Programming and Monitoring.
  • Modularized design to shorten lead time and improve reliability.
  • Speed-Controlled Fan
  • DC Output ON / OFF Switch.
  • LXI approved
  • CE approved


  • RS-485
  • GPIB