Messtechnik Frequenzgenerator

Frequenzgenerator G5100A

  • G5100A
  • G5110A
  • 14 bit, 125 MSa/s, 256K-point Arbitrary Waveform
  • 50 MHz Sine, 25 MHz Square & 10MHz Arbitrary Waveforms
  • Pulse, Ramp, Triangle, Noise & DC waveforms
  • Linear & Log Sweeps as well as Burst modes
  • AM, FM, PM (PSK), FSK and PWM Modulation
  • Remote control via USB, LAN and GPIB
  • Optically coupled rotary encoder remains insensitive to dirt, while offering lag free performance and a longer life cycle.
  • Graph mode for visual verification of settings
  • 16-bit Data pattern out and synchronized clock
  • 10MHz synchronization input/output is included FREE
  • Free Wavepatt  application software®


  • USB
  • LAN
  • GPIB